Chasing Dreams in the New Era, because We are Young at Haisum - The Company grandly Held its Annual Meeting for Welcoming Newcomers 2019

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In the chill of early spring, we welcome the arrival of the New Year. On the afternoon of Jan. 25, Shanghai Concert Hall was crowded with enthusiastic people, because the annual meeting 2019 for welcoming newcomers of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. was held with great ceremonies there. Themed by "for dream, for young", this year's annual meeting led people to recall Haisum colleagues' every piece of efforts for year 2018 through sophisticated videos, and demonstrated the positive mental outlook of Haisum employees through a variety of cultural performances. Leaders of the Company (i.e. Xu Datong, Bian Junyi, Li Yimin, Qi Yongyi, Lin Lin, and Zhou Yuan), some retired leaders and experts from Shanghai Light Industry Design Institute and China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., and over 800 employees from the departments at head office were present at the great annual meeting to recall the struggle stories of year 2018 and prospect the objective of struggle for year 2019.

The celebration started with the keynote speech of Xu Datong, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Company. Chairman Xu used four words, i.e. "gratified, delighted, appreciative and wish" to make an emotional account of the hard-won achievements of Haisum in 2018, as well as Haisum colleagues' moving stories about selfless struggle and devotion. Chairman Xu used the "four new's" (i.e. "new leading body", "new strategic planning", "new business development", and "new employee well-being") to reveal the secret to the company's success in 2018, and prospected Haisum's new ideas and new development for year 2019. Chairman Xu expected the Company to adhere to the "1+2+3+4+5" operation philosophy in 2019, intensively push forward the building of "international platform" and "investment and financing platform" under the guidance of clear strategy, promote the rejuvenation of cadres and the prevention and control of business risks, continuously improve the employee satisfaction based on the "initiative of pairing, assignment, building and branding", and create positive energy throughout the enterprise comprehensively with the "five priorities". At the end of his speech, Chairman Xu expected all to "look up at the starry sky" and "come down to earth" in the new year, because he believed that the future belongs to down-to-earth doers, relentless innovators, tastemakers, and responsible Haisum colleagues.

The memory videos and wonderful performances pushed the celebration to its climax splendidly.

The elaborate themed videos reminded every participant of every industrious and substantial day they had before. Based on the learning and growth experience of several teams at Haisum, the three videos "Operation Red Sea, Attack Blue Sea", "Haisum 101" and "Birth of Actors" fully demonstrated the Company's talent advantage and development potential in respect of project operation & management, overseas market development ("go abroad"), technical capability accumulation, honors and awards, and other important areas; "The Initiative of Pairing, Assignment, Building and Branding", "In Person" and "Young Haisum" pushed the celebration to a high; "In Person" told ordinary people's emotional stories using Haisum employees' family attachment as the link, and made the crowd shed tears of affection time and time again during live broadcasting, having shown the "family culture" of Haisum and the "family sentiment" of Haisum colleagues.

At the annual meeting, on-the-spot connection was used for the first time for real-time interaction with the project team at Dafeng Site, closing the distance with those distant project teams, and enabling us to learn about the hardship and difficulties at project site; the audience thumbed them up silently.

In the segment of cultural performances, the traditional festive lion dance "New Lion in Delight", the funny skit "Haisum Tactics", the dynamic dances "Burn My CAD" and "Aerobics Show", "Joyful Gathering of Haisum Babies" that integrated family affection with childlike fun, and "Love, in my Heart" by the Haisum Chamber Choir incisively and vividly demonstrated the great versatility of Haisum colleagues, and expressed the genuine love for the Company. People were high on the spot, where there was a sea of joy and laughter.

At the annual meeting, the Company commended and issued awards to the departments, teams and individuals who won the international business development award, the passion award, the rising star award, the innovation & breakthrough award, the S&T progress award, the catch-up award, the technical quality award, the best collaboration award, the annual outstanding award for drawing review, the award for non-EPC contract with a value of over RMB 100 million, the award for the new contract with the highest value, the award for department with excellent appraisal result, the award for outstanding management cadre, and the award for outstanding employee for year 2018.

This annual meeting was watched via webcasting for over 39,900 person-times and received 6,886 thumbs-up; additionally, over 2,800 people followed and took part in the "voting for show" and "photo live" interactions.

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