Chairman Rong Shili of the EPC Branch of China Engineering & Consulting Association and His Delegation Paid A Survey Visit to China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Rong Shili, Vice Chairman and EPC Branch Chairman of China Engineering & Consulting Association accompanied by Qi Fuhai, Deputy Chairman and Secretary General of EPC Branch, and Zhang Hongchao, Department Director of Sinopec Engineering & Consulting Association paid a survey visit to Haisum. Party Secretary and Chairman Xu Datong received Chairman Rong and his delegation.

Chairman Xu Datong introduced to the leaders of the Association the development of the EPC business in the light industry, the expansion and management & control of EPC business and project management of the Company, and the overseas market development of the Company. Then, at the request of the leaders of the Association, Chairman Xu Datong made suggestions for the future steps of the Association. The leaders of the Association highly affirmed the achievements made by Haisum in the field of EPC in recent years, and looked forward to greater achievements of Haisum in EPC business and overseas operations.

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