General Manager Guo Jianquan of Sinolight and His Delegation Visited the Kao EPC Project

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On December 7, despite the drizzling and freezing weather, Guo Jianquan, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of Sinolight, Chief Accountant Duan Zhaoqing, Dong Jianhui, Director of the Planning & Development Department and other leaders went to the construction site of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.'s Kao EPC project for a survey & study and inspection. They were accompanied by Chairman Xu Datong of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.

The phase-II project of Kao (Shanghai) Chemicals Co., Ltd. is developed to manufacture a variety of surfactants. As an internationally renowned Japanese enterprise, Kao entrusted a Chinese engineering company to act as general contractor of the project based on its trust on the early efforts of the project team and its high recognition of the Company's integrated management capability; this project is also a milestone for the Company.

Gu Feiou, General Manager of Division V at Head Office led the key members of project team to report the general information about and the progress of Kao Project to the leaders. The project team boldly employed 3D design, modular installation and other state-of-the-art technologies in construction for effective control of assembly quality and improvement of efficiency, and turned them into the new feature and highlight of the Company in EPC project development. General Manager Gu also gave a detailed description of project quality and safety control measures.

Then, the leaders inspected the construction site, and fully affirmed the well-ordered field management and precision modular installation. Upon completion of the inspection, the leaders raised their requirements on project management and the future development of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.

According to Duan Zhaoqing, Chief Accountant of the Group, since EPC project has been the focus of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., doing a good job in EPC is of great importance; hence, China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. has to carefully summarize the types of EPC business, and further strengthen the control over financial risks and other risks based on the established systems and processes of quality management and safety management, etc. so as to establish a control system with the characteristics of Haisum.

General Manager Guo Jianquan of the Group also thanked the project team for their hard work, and affirmed the performance of the Party group on construction site. General Manager Guo hoped that the project team of Kao would continue to work hard, properly control the project progress, quality and safety, make the project into a high-quality project and create a new model.

Once again, Chairman Xu Datong expressed his thanks to the leaders of the Group for their care and guidance, and promised that they would live up to expectations and go all out to construct the project so as to make it another highlight of Haisum.

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