Chairman Xu Datong Received Chen Shiyan, Deputy Head of Xuhui District and Her Delegation

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On the afternoon of December 4, Chen Shiyan, Deputy Head of Xuhui District and the leaders from the district government office, the district commerce committee, the functional area, the Tianping sub-district, etc. came to our company for survey and study. Xu Datong, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., President Bian Junyi, and Lin Lin, Chief Financial Officer and Board Secretary, etc. warmly received Ms. Chen and her delegation.

First, Chairman Xu welcomed Ms. Chen and her delegation and expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Xuhui District for their support for Haisum on behalf of the Company's leading group.

Then, Chairman Xu introduced the Company's history, main business and achievements in transformation and development made in recent years in detail to the leaders, and gave a particular report on the Company's development planning and its ideas and measures for Party Building and corporate culture building.

Ms. Chen gave a high praise to the steady progress made by Haisum in recent years in serving Shanghai and taking part in the transformation and innovation of Xuhui District, and the measure taken on humanistic care for employees. According to her, Haisum is a Xuhui-based deep-rooted central state-owned enterprise; it is hoped that both parties strengthen exchanges and communication with each other for continuous intensification of the win-win cooperation model of Xuhui District with "one body with two wings”. Additionally, Ms. Chen gave a detailed description of the measures taken this year by Xuhui District to promote "high-quality development", "quality life" and "high-performance management", provide accurate service, improve business service capability, and create first-class business operation environment in the modern international metropolis.

Accompanying leaders of Xuhui District also communicated with leaders of Haisum about the issues they were in charge of.

According to Chairman Xu, Haisum will, as always, play the role of listed company to make contributions to the development of Xuhui District and make efforts to enhance employees' sense of happiness and gain.

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