The Company officially Signed the Contract on "the EPC Project for In-situ Technology Transformation of Xinye Slice under CNTC Hubei"

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On the morning of November 26, the signing ceremony for "the EPC project for in-situ technology transformation of Xinye Slice under CNTC Hubei" was launched grandly at the headquarters of Hubei Xinye Tobacco Slice Development Co., Ltd.

Xu Datong, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Company, Zhou Yuan, General Manager of the Head Office, Wang Kang, Director of the Investment Management Department of CNTC Hubei, Xiong Bin, Party Secretary and General Manager of Hubei Xinye and other leaders were present at the signing ceremony. Those who attended the ceremony also included Fang Min, Director of Tobacco of the Company, Pang Jianguo, General Manager of Design Engineering Department 3, Wu Zhiqiang, Wang Weihua and Tang Xiangbin, leaders of Xinye, and the related persons in charge of the Project.

At the signing ceremony, Chairman Xu Datong of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd., Department Director Wang Kang of CNTC Hubei, and General Manager Xiong Bin of Xinye delivered speeches. Xu Datong pointed out that, since China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. and CNTC Hubei share the same development vision and the identity as central state owned enterprises, China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. will, as always, adhere to the principle of "politics first, owner first, high-standard design, and high-quality implementation", and work with CNTC Hubei to build the century-old brand and actively participate in the Double First-Class Initiative. According to the speeches of Wang Kang and Xiong Bin, by dint of the successful launch of the EPC project of in-situ technology transformation at Xinye Tobacco Slice in the new era of development of CNTC Hubei who "is striving to achieved double 100 billion and getting rated as Double First Class", it is hoped that, with the concerted efforts of both parties, the project will be developed into a quality project, sunshine project, integrity project, and growth project.

Officially initiated in September 2017, the in-situ technology transformation project of Xinye Slice employs the EPC model that combines design, purchasing and construction, thus being recognized as a pioneer of EPC project in tobacco industry of China; the professional strength of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. in the field of general contracting was demonstrated in sector of tobacco for the first time.

The successful signing marks a substantial step toward the project, having enhanced the continuous expansion of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. in tobacco sector.

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