Letter for thanks from Min Rong

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     A few days ago, the nation''s largest distribution center - "Qingpu Distribution Center" project was successfully completed. Our company took up the design, management for the projects. Due to the outstanding performance,
The owners sent a letter for thanks to our company, the following is the full content of the letter:
China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd.:

     On behalf of the Gome Group Shanghai Min Rong goods distribution
 Co.,Ltd. we thank for the contributions your company did in Our Qingpu Distribution Center project. Both the design and project management teams in the project shown a good professional skills and cooperation spirit. As the modernization and largest domestic retail distribution center to be completed smoothly, the project can not be separated from your company actively cooperate with the management team and professional management. Here, thanks for outstanding project management services. We will look forward to further co-operation opportunities.

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