President Yan Led a Delegation to Visit Japan

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      Invited by OJI Paper Co., Ltd. and Marubeni Corporation, Presedent Yan XiaOJIan of China Haisum led an official delegation to visit Japan. The delegation also included Vice President Xu Datong, Assistant President Qi Yongyi, Zhou Yuan, Director of 3rd Design and Consulting Dept., and Ma Yunjie, Manager of Project Management Dept.
       During the conversation between senior management staff of OJI Paper Co., Ltd. and our delegation, both sides exchanged their views on the combined effort to promote the projects conducted in China. President Yan interpreted organizational structure of China Haisum, explained to them the experience of construction projects in China, and expressed our will to complete the project with the best technology, optimum quality and the most attentive service. OJI Paper also extended its gratitude for the former cooperation with China Haisum, giving a high appraisal of our technical quality and services.
        As regards the talk with Mr. Yamamoto, Minister of Machinery Industry Ministry of Marubeni Corporation, President Yan made an introduction on the profile, industry status of China Haisum as well as its rapid development of General Contract business. Mr. Yamamoto briefed us on the recent development Marubeni Corporation.
      The delegation also visited Fujitsu factory of OJI Paper Co., Ltd., which made every delegation member a profound impression on its advanced equipment and management. That enlightened us a great deal. Communication with the owners not only deepens our friendship, but lays the foundation for the further cooperation as well.
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