The project of Jiaxipera refrigerator compressors completed

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      On October 28, 2007, the project, with its output of 2 million High Efficiency and Energy Saving Compressor per year, which belongs to Jiaxipera Compressor Co., Ltd. in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Industrial Zone, was successfully completed. This project is designed by 4th Design & Consulting Dept. of our company.
     The project covers 200 mu, including the production plant, public utility and some ancillary facilities such as office and R&D center, with a total construction area of nearly 80,000 square meters. Our company assumed the overall planning design and some production techniques and public works of the project and completed this work in early 2006. The project was started in April last year and  put into trial production one year later, in Aug it would achieve monthly production target. The project is China''s first self-developed, technology independently determine, equipment selection of High Efficiency and Energy Saving compressor production lines. The N-series compressors produced by this flexible production line behave environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, light weight and low noise. The completion of the project will further enhance Jiaxipera company''s competitiveness in the market, the total production will reach 8 million units per year, together with its major shareholder capacity so that the whole of Huayi Dept. would reach 16 million units per year and become China''s largest manufacturing of the refrigerator compressor as well as reaching world''s top 10.
         Some local and the CHEAA leaders, customers, suppliers, and almost all refrigerator compressor manufactory CEOs attended the celebration ceremony. In the ceremony the owners held vice president Mr.Lin''s hand, thanked for our company designing a high level modern factories, and spoke highly of the designers and project managers.
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