The Successful Completion and Grand Opening of Japan DENKEI

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      On October 29, 2007, the opening ceremony of Japan DENKEI R&D (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Project (the first phase), with its general contractor of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd, was grandly held in Science and Technology Zone of Minhang District. Invited by the owners, Vice President Xu Datong attended the opening ceremony and made a speech to congratulate the success. Project members also participated in it.
      During ceremony was, the owners of extended their gratitude for the construction of a high-level and modernized R&D building, appreciating the outstanding services that had been provided by our company, and looking forward to the second phase of the project again. Meanwhile, they recommended to the participants that China Haisum was a very trusted partner in doing EPC projects.
      Vice President Xu congratulated the good opening of Japan DENKEI, and recalled the efforts and trust between both sides since the project started . He also expressed his thanks and wished that we could seek common development in the near future.
      Japan DENKEI has been a Japanese company which is specializing in sales of electronic test equipment for 55 years, being the largest professional company in Asia. As the general contractor of this project, our company has always been sticking to the principle of providing high quality services to customers, strictly emphasizing on project quality and ensuring a relatively rapid construction speed. The project was accomplished on August 30th. After two months of use, the owners feel really satisfied about the appearance and function of the nice building.
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