China Haisum Shows Good Development in EPC.

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      According to the strategic goal and planning of our company, 2007 is the critical year for China Haisum to achieve rapid growth in EPC business. Fortunately, with the combined efforts of all the staff, the company sees its great development in this area.
      In order to achieve the goal of early target this year, the company enhances its operation and management to tightly grasp the blessed opportunity of doing engineering design-led general contract business, which is strongly advocated by the Ministry of Construction. In the meantime, it explores overseas markets to implement the "step out" strategy by making full use of its own advantages as well as the existing customer resources.
     Pulp & Paper has always been a high-tech business segment of China Haisum, based on which our company opens the overseas market as a breakthrough, especially in Southeast Asia and neighboring countries. In the first half of this year, we have successfully undertaken a number of such projects in Southeast Asia, which undoubtedly marks a substantial step taken forward in our EPC field.
     Our company will continue to further the integration among capital, mechanisms and people, to promote EPC in a sustained, healthy and rapid level, and to become "an engineering company with first-class status domestically and prestigious reputation internationally".
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