China Haisum wins the bid of Algerian university town item

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     Recently, China Haisum has received the notice from Algeria Tizi Ouzou province WILAYA House and Utilities Management Division in succession.  It is apprized that our company has won the bid of 4000 ,2500,7000 bed project  in Tizi Ouzou province university. The total price of the contracts is about 4.365 billion dinars.( approximately 485 million yuan). A contract of 4000 bed project among them has already been signed on Sep.26th. As is agreed in the contract, our company will undertake the EPC of 4000 bed project in TAMDA university town, with the total price of 1.83 billion dinars ( about 203 million yuan), the time limit for this project being 12 months.
     This contract indicated China Haisum made an important progress and expansion on international EPC market.
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