China Haisum and Morocco MANAGEM GROUP Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement and Battery-Grade Cobalt Sulfate EPC Project

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On the morning of November 8, China Haisum's subsidiary, China CEC Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CEC"), officially signed a contract involving an EPC project for a 5,850t/pa battery-grade cobalt sulfate plant and a strategic cooperation agreement with GUEMASSA GREEN METALLURGY (hereinafter referred to as "GGM"), a subsidiary of MANAGEM GROUP, and REMINEX at China Haisum's headquarters. The signing was witnessed by Imad TOUMI, President of MANAGEM GROUP, Naoual ZINE, General Manager of REMINEX, Zhao Guoang, Deputy General Manager of Poly Sinolight, and Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Haisum, Chen Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Haisum, and Chen Zhiming, Vice President of China Haisum, among others.

Xie Xianguo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CEC, signed the contract on behalf of the company with GGM and REMINEX for the EPC project and strategic cooperation agreement.

Naoual ZINE expressed his expectations and confidence in future collaboration with China Haisum. Lin Wei, General Manager of CEC, and Deputy General Manager Wan Hua shared the company's technological advantages in the field of new energy and new materials, as well as the advanced technologies employed in this project.

Xie Xianguo introduced the achievements of CEC in the field of battery materials and promised to complete the project construction with high quality, high efficiency, and safety, creating a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly landmark project.

Imad TOUMI expressed his gratitude for the warm reception from China Haisum, stating that MANAGEM GROUP's demand for new energy and new materials aligns well with China Haisum's engineering services in this field. He hoped that through this project, the two sides could explore more opportunities for in-depth cooperation in the "double carbon" field.

Chen Rongrong congratulated the signing and pointed out that MANAGEM GROUP is the largest mining company in Morocco and North Africa, while China Haisum is one of the earliest listed engineering companies in China, as well as a technology-based engineering company with the most comprehensive qualifications, largest scale (in the light industry), and the most projects undertaken. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen communication and cooperation to promote the smooth progress of the project and lead the high-quality development of the battery materials market in Morocco.

Zhao Guoang welcomed the visit of Imad TOUMI and his delegation. He stated that the signing of this project and the strategic cooperation agreement is China Haisum's specific action in actively responding to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and deepening economic and trade cooperation between China and Morocco, deepening the friendship between China and Morocco in the field of new energy. China Haisum will take this opportunity to contribute new strength to the global new energy industry together with MANAGEM GROUP, and jointly create a better future.

Leaders of MANAGEM GROUP and its subsidiaries, heads of relevant departments of China Haisum's Headquarters, main leaders and heads of relevant departments of CEC, attended the signing ceremony and accompanied the guests to visit the company's brand hall.

The 5,850t battery-grade cobalt sulfate project in southern Marrakech is owned by GGM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MANAGEM GROUP.

The project is located in the GUEMASSA industrial park in Morocco, producing battery-grade cobalt sulfate using cobalt concentrate, with an annual capacity of approximately 5,850t.

The signing and implementation of this project represents a new breakthrough for China Haisum in the smelting field of cobalt and nickel products, seizing the international market opportunity for EPC projects of battery materials, making it a new achievement of the BRI.

MANAGEM GROUP was founded in 1928 and operates mining businesses in nine African countries. It is the largest comprehensive mining company in Northern Africa, mainly producing gold, silver, cobalt, arsenic, and other metals, and its business scale spans from ore exploration, mining, and processing to international trade in finished products. The company is actively shifting its focus in the metallurgical sector to the production of new energy materials. GGM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MANAGEM GROUP, was thereby established to produce key materials for new energy materials like cobalt sulfate.

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