Good News | China Haisum was awarded multiple honors at the beginning of the new year

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Won two awards in Poly Group’s "five minor" contest

In May this year, Poly Group organized and carried out the "five minor" activity. After seven months of organization and registration, preliminary review and expert review, the "Haisum 3D structural design software" and "BIM electrical library construction" presented by China Haisum stood out from more than 2000 entries, and won the "five minor" bronze medal for innovation and "five minor" bronze medal for lean management respectively. 

The "five minor" refers to minor inventions, minor creations, minor innovations, minor designs, and minor comments, covering production and operation, reform and innovation, management services, technical innovation, safety and energy consumption reduction, etc. 

·"Five Minor" bronze medal for innovation awarded to China Haisum for its 3D structural Design Software

With its own technical advances, China Haisum launched a 3D structural design software on the basis of BIM software. The construction drawings are guaranteed by detail drawing, numbering tools, linking CAD graphics and standardized design and more, which effectively breaks through the bottleneck of BIM software application in the structure specialty and realizes the real-time sharing of construction drawing information and BIM software model information to the greatest extent, improving the efficiency of work and the accuracy of design. 

"Five Minor" bronze medal for lean management awarded to China Haisum for “BIM electrical library construction"  

The library unifies the professional mapping form and expression, making the BIM drawing close to the CAD drawing, laying the foundation for parameter setting for the research and development of BIM top-down design in the electrical specialty in the subsequent stage, providing basic data support for the Company's internal BIM standardization construction and helping the promotion of the current BIM top-down design process in the electrical specialty. 

Won several achievement awards in national BIM competition 

A few days ago, the list of winners of the third "Golden Standard Cup" BIM/CIM Application Maturity Innovation Competition sponsored by the National Technical Committee for Digital Standardization of Intelligent Buildings and Residential Areas was officially announced. The entries of China GDE Engineering Co., Ltd., "BIM Top-down Design Application of Aohan Banner Waste Incineration Thermal Power EPC Project" and "BIM Top-down Design Application of Linxia Domestic Waste Incineration for Power Generation EPC Project", stood out from 1,520 entries, and won the first prize and the second prize of the design category respectively. China Haisum’s BIM top-down design application won the industrial recognition once again.  

Obtained the honorary title of "Contract Abiding and Trustworthy" Enterprise. 

Recently, in the 16th (2020-2021) "Contract Abiding and Trustworthy" enterprise selection in Hubei Province, China Light Industry Wuhan Design & Engineering Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "Contract Abiding and Trustworthy" enterprise once again.

Since 2010, the Company has been awarded the title for six consecutive times.

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