A Delegation Led by Zhang Wanshun from Poly Group Visits the China Haisum for Investigation

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On November 4, Zhang Wanshun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and General Manager of Poly Group, went to China Haisum, a subsidiary of Poly Sinolight, for investigation. Chen Guanzhong, member of the Standing Committee of Party Committee and chief accountant of Poly Group, participated in the investigation together.

Accompanied by Zhao Guo'ang, the chief economist of Poly Sinolight, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of China Haisum, a delegation led by Zhang Wanshun visited the China Haisum Brand Exhibition Hall and investigated the EIM Digital Innovation Center to fully understand the smart engineering service performance of China Haisum in pulp and paper making, tobacco, food fermentation, fine chemical engineering, electronics, green environmental protection and other fields, as well as the promotion of digital transformation such as the construction of digital design platform, design element sharing platform and three-dimensional digital design management collaborative platform.

Zhang Wanshun fully affirmed the achievements of China Haisum in recent years and its positive contributions to the development of Poly Sinolight, and highly praised the phased achievements of the Company's digital transformation. He said that China Haisum is an important subsidiary of Poly Sinolight and an important part of the "5 + 1" business system of the group company. We should always adhere to the customer-centered orientation, adhere to the direction of digital transformation, and empower intelligent and digital business development through the digital collaborative platform; and persist in taking innovation as the driving force to build Haisum's core competitiveness through scientific and technological innovation.

Zhang Wanshun stressed that all business segments and business units within Poly Group should enhance their understanding, conduct in-depth exchanges, seek new opportunities for cooperation, learn from others's strong points to offset their own weakness, and travel together to improve the overall efficiency of Poly Group.

During this period, Zhang Wanshun also put forward requirements for doing a good job in studying and publicizing the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, strengthening epidemic prevention and control and safety production.

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