Automobile Parts & Accessories/Metal Processing

Since the 1960s, our company has designed tens of clock & watch, bicycle, sewing machine projects and accumulated rich engineering experience in ferrous and non ferrous metal processing. In recent years, with the development of new industries, especially household electrical appliance and automobile industry, the demands for electrical appliance use copper materials, enamel wires, sheet material processing, tyre use steel cords, tyres and plastic components are getting bigger and bigger. Depending on its expertise, our company has provided the design services for household electrical appliance use copper material plant(copper tube, capillary copper tube), tyre use steel cord plant and some special use plastic, rubber, silicate, ceramic, porcelain enamel plants, etc. The four biggest engineering projects for tyre use steel cords in China have been designed by our company too. Owing to being familiar with the latest process and production equipment, our company is in a leading position in this field.

Our company has also designed automobile components producing projects of steering wheels, drive shafts, chassis, motors, windshield, rubber tyres, etc.