New Building Materials

The new building materials industry is a new engineering field recently developed by our company. The new building materials can be divided into two big classifications, one is wooden and metal materials and the other chemical building materials. In recent years our company has provided design services for wooden and metal product projects including Europe style wood door, composite floor board, corrugated steel sheet sandwich board, etc. and chemical building materials including PVC plastic-steel doors and windows, PVC hollowness surface crusting foaming door sheet, PVC winding material floor board, PC sunlight board, PVC tube material, fibrous cement slab, various coatings of building materials, etc. In addition, our company has successfully designed engineering projects of sanitary wares and building pottery. Our company has attached importance to absorption of foreign advanced technology, application of new process and new equipment, hence enabling our engineering design to be in a leading position in many fields of this specialty. The design for PVC special shaped material project has won the Excellent Engineering Consulting Prize awarded by Ministry of Light Industry of China.