Chemical&Chemical fibre /Daily-use chemical /Biological /Pharmaceutical Industries

Our company has designed chemical engineering projects mainly covering domestic chemicals, fine chemicals and chemical coatings such as oil fat chemical projects, washing powder and detergent projects, polyurethanc product engineering plastics and chemical starch projects, superfine printing ink, polyflon painting, corrosion resistance insulating painting and aerospace sealant projects. Our customers include BASF Co., Ltd., Bayer Co., Ltd., National Starch Chemistry Co., Ltd.(Japan), Daikin Co., Ltd., Sherwin-Williams Co., Ltd., Backer Industrial Coatings Co., Ltd. and Altana Electrical Insulation Co., Ltd., etc. which have invested their projects in China.

In recent years, with the improvement of living standard and the development of science and technology the demands on biochemical and biological products are getting bigger and bigger. According to the market development our company has offered design services for tens of projects of monosodium glutamate, citric acid, enzyme, starch, high fructose, alcohol, fuel alcohol, insecticide, piperony butoxide, nutrition powder, biologic raw material and medicinal capsule. Our company has designed the enzyme project for Waxi Genencor Bio-Products Co., Ltd. and offered the management of the project. Having collected the most advanced process and equipment adopted by Genencor Bio-Products Co., Ltd. all over the world, the scale and the production technology of the enzyme production line has reached the world advanced level.

The deep processing and utilization of soybean protein has become a new high-tech field in the food industry recently. After having designed the soybean protein projects required by Zhengzhaou Oil Chemical Factory and Harbin High-Tech Group respectively, our company has completed the design of DuPont Shineway Protein Project, Phase 2 and the design of the soybean protein project for Ningbo Subao Food Food Co., Ltd. These projects have adopted the most advanced soybean protein process technology and production equipment and reached an international advanced level.

Fuel alcohol and biological diesel oil have formed a new component part of the energy structure in China. This is also a policy measure to carry out environment protection, push agriculture development and increase peasant income. Our company has designed a fuel alcohol engineering project and several biological diesel oil engineering projects for our customers and accumulated experience in the technical field. Among which, the fuel alcohol project with the annual capacity of 300,000 tons, which was designed for Jinlin Fuel Ethanol Co., Ltd. by our company, has utilized the world most advanced production process, energy saving technology and production equipment. Its scale of a single production line and the actual production capacity has become the biggest one in the world.

In addition, our company has carried out market investigation and technical research in order to develop projects of xanthan gum, amino acid, organic acid, soybean protein and gelatin and offered project consultation to our customers.

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