Plastic Products/Sensitive Material

Plastic raw material and processing industry is our company’s main design field. Our company completed designs for tens of projects including injection, extrusion, blowing, rolling, co-extrusion, bi-orientation materials. The products of these projects cover from low-grade PVC leatheroid to package materials with multi-layer composite of deferent materials, from the daily use articles to high grade flooring materials, from chemical vessel to automobile fittings. Many designs for these projects have been awarded Excellent Engineering Design Prizes by Ministry of Light Industry of China.

Our company is the earliest and the only specialized design institute engaged in engineering design of photo sensitive materials (film, photographic paper).Since the 1960s our company has provided services for more than 10 photosensitive materials and cinefilm factories and has been engaged in technological development and design of coating applicators, which has contributed actively to the development of photosensitive material industry in China. Our company has finished the design for the projects which produce monochrome film, monochrome X ray film, printing and dyeing colored film, extrusion coating colored film, monochrome photographic paper, color photographic paper, etc. Our company has designed several engineering projects invested in China by the world famous Kodark Co., Ltd.

In addition, our company has taken part in compiling industrial standard ‘Sensitire Material Factory Design Norm’ and ‘Plastic Products Factory Design Norm’.

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