With the improvement of living standard and the change of living rhythm, the demands for various of industrialized producing convenience and snack foods are getting bigger and bigger. Based on the experience of designing traditional food factories, our company has undertaken a series of convenience food project designs such as convenient noodle, rice and porridge and biscuits, curry seasonings, etc. In recent years our customers included domestic famous food enterprises and oversea well-known companies investing their projects in China. In this way, our company has accumulated richer experience in the field of the food industry engineering services.

Since the 1950s our company has begun to be engaged in the design of dairy projects. Up to now more than 40 various dairies have been designed. From the end of the 1970s our company undertook a lot of big scaled dairy engineering designs. The engineering design of the Shanghai Second Dairy Factory was one of them, which won a Silver Medal of State Level Excellent Engineering Design. In addition, our company was responsible to compile our state industry standard, “Dairy Factory Design Norm”, which was appointed by Ministry of Light Industry of China.

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