Beverage products are getting wider and wider into people’s life. With the development of demands our company has designed a lot of beverage projects such as carbonated beverage, nutrient health beverage, fruit and vegetable beverage, tea beverage, solid beverage, fruit juice beverage, mineral water, etc. The companies entrusted us to design for the said beverage projects in recent years include Shanghai Aquaries Beverage Co., Ltd., Chengde LuLu Group (Engineering Phase2), Nestle (Shanghai) Ltd., Nanjiang Chongcui Food Co., Ltd., Jianlibao (Zhenjiang) Beverage Co., Ltd., Shanghai Drin’s Beverage Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yangyi Food Industry Co., Ltd., etc.

In addition, our company undertook a lot of beer, wine, Shaoxing wine, liquor and alcohol projects. Since the beginning of the 1980s our company has designed a great deal of breweries among which, the Wenzhou Golden Lion Brewery Co., Ltd. wan the First Grade Prize of Excellent Engineering Design awarded by the Ministry of Light Industry of China. Early in the 1980s, our company reformed Shaoxing wine traditional hand-made production process and developed and researched a complete set of equipment for production of Shaoxing wine and realized mechanized production of Shaoxing wine. This project wan a Gold Metal of State Level Excellent Design. The Shanghai Ginfeng Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. Produces the famous brand “Shi Ku Men” Shaoxing Wine has enjoyed high reputation in the domestic and international markets. This project was also designed by our company.

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