Civil Building

In order to suit the need of creation and research for civil building design our company has specially established a civil building design research institute, which has many excellent architects engaged in civil building design for a long time and provides with senior engineers of related specialties such as structure, water supply and drainage, strong and weak electricity, heating and ventilation, economic analysis and has the design capability of undertaking large sized civil engineering projects with its strong technical power. Since its establishment our company has completed more than 1000 civil building design projects including hotels, commercial centers, office buildings, theaters and cinemas, recreation and sports activity centers, bowling club, universities, primary and middle schools, residential quarters, conference centers, high class dwellings, holiday spending places, etc., among which many projects have been awarded prizes. The project of Shanghai Yanan Senior Middle School was awarded the Third Grade Prize of Excellent Building Design by Ministry of Construction of China in 2000; the project of Sanxin Garden was awarded the Gold Medal of Creation by Ministry of Construction of China in 2001; the project of Bao Long Hotel was awarded the Second Grade Prize of Excellent Building Design by Light Industry General Committee. Recently our company has completed design projects of residential quarters such as Hongrum Garden, Ludi Plaza, Xiangshan Garden, Splendid City (#11,#16,#17 Plot), Xingmei Republic City, New Times Garden, etc.

We will design good quality civil buildings to satisfy needs and beautify the environment and create more works for realization of two civilization constructions.