General Contract

The engineering general contract is called as Turnkey Engineering. The contractor appointed by its customer carries out the whole course contract or certain stage contract for reconnaissance, design, procurement, construction, test running (completion & acceptance),etc. of an engineering project according to the contract signed. As a key engineering technology enterprise in the light industry in China,

our company, early in 1996, obtained the qualification certificate of Class A General Contract issued by Ministry of Construction of P.R.C. and began to undertake business of engineering general contract and project management. Depending on its technical superiority over specialty design and good relation with its customer, our company has undertaken a lot of general contract projects of various scales and accumulated valuable experience in this field. Based on the demands for engineering general contract, some special departments such as the engineering general contract department, the procurement department, the evaluation department, etc. have been established. Together with each specialty design institute, a matrix type organization frame in keeping with management requirements for engineering general contract has been formed. Under the leadership of a project manager, other positions such as a design manager, a procurement manager, a construction manager, a control manager, etc. have been provided, each doing his own work. A specialty management mode has been adopted. The quality management system of general contract and the safe, health and environment protection management system prepared by our company has provided a solid guarantee to carry out project systematization and normalization for engineering general contract.

Our company has enough man powers satisfying the needs for the development of engineering general contract. Up to now 57 project managers have got project manger training certificates of general contract issued by Ministry of Construction of P.R.C.; 20 registered construction engineers approved by our country have been qualified for project managers for engineering general contract. At the same time, 17 key members have passed PMI authentification of American project management and obtained PMP qualification.

In recent years our company has undertaken and carried out many general contract projects of certain influence and scales such as the tissiu project of Algeria Paper Making Company, the project of BASF Polyurethans Specialties (China) Co., Ltd., the project of Kodark (China) Co., Ltd. Shantou Branch, the expansion project of Shanghai Lincoln Electrical Co., Ltd. (Solders Material Factory).The project of Thermal Power Station Senye (Qingxin) Paper Co., Ltd. etc. The engineering management projects included Genencor (Wuxi) Bio-Products Co., Ltd., Suzlon Energy (Tianjin) Ltd., Walki Wisa Packaging Paper (Changsha) Co., Ltd., etc. Many general contract engineering projects have been awarded‘The Best Engineering Contractor’ certificates. The project of Changzhou Isovolta Technical Composite Co., Ltd. has been awarded ‘Engineering General Contract Bronze Key Prize’ during the evaluation of the third excellent engineering management and excellent engineering general contract projects.