Haisum is a listed company providing, engineering design, consultation, supervision and EPC. The clients of Haisum includes World's Top 500 Companies , investment projects of international and large enterprise groups . Haisum pursues boutique consciousness, benefiting mankind with science and technology and winning respect with achievements. Haisum is devoting to be an internationalized engineering firm with the ideality of 'domestic top class, famous in the world.'
Core Value IdeaSub-valueLogo

Core Value IdeaSea Broad and Faithful

MissionBenefiting Mankind with Science and Technology and Winning Respect with Achievements

WishCompeting with International Engineering Companies, Creating Top Class Famous Brand in the world and Keeping Prospering

SpiritProgressing with Time, Seeking for Truth, Strengthening Cooperation and Striving for Brilliantness

AimResponsible for Clients, Show Loving for staff, Repay to Shareholders and Contribute to the Society

Cultural ideas Sea Broad and Faithful

Home culture Pursuit of respect and harmony: care, self-discipline, listen, thanksgiving

Sea culture Pursuit of tenacity and persistence: tolerance ,beyond, broadness, dedication

Faithful culture Pursuit of Seeking for Truth: faithful, modest, seeking for truth, Pragmatic

Business idea Only when clients are valuable can the enterprise be valuable

Management idea Scientific, Institutionalized, humanized

Talent idea The most suitable and excellent talent

Competition idea Take the market as the guide, consider the clients as the center, take the satisfaction of the users as the standard.

Quality policy Quality First, Domestic Top Class and Clients Satisfaction

Safety policy People –oriented, safety first, protecting environment, Sustainable Development

China Haisum Stock is a listed company with its main business covering EPC, engineering design, consultation and supervision. It is mainly specialized in the fields of light industries and building engineering. Its clients include the world top 500, multinational enterprises and famous groups in China.

It has been seeking after brilliantness with its aim at benefiting mankind with science and technology and winning respect with achievements. Its wish is to be a domestic top and world famous internationalized engineering company.

Figure: Stone Carved Seal

China Haisum Stock has more than 50 years of history and has accumulated rich experiences. Its LOGO figure adopted deduces the Chinese nation spirit and art connotation and embodies its characteristic of long history, rich experiences and profound culture information.

Technology is a cornerstone of engineering. China Haisum Stock always takes scientific technology as its guide and serves its engineering projects. The LOGO figure means that China Haisum Stock is based on the scientific technology and provides its clients with excellent engineering services and technical guarantees.

The seal itself is a symbol of a promise and faith, matching with “Faith” shown in the LOGO. It emphasizes describing Faith, Honest and Sincerity. This is the base of China Haisum Stock and benefited clients.

Main Body: HAISUM

The LOGO main body is carved with “海诚” (HAISUM). 海(HAI) in Chinese means sea while 诚(SUM)in Chinese means faith, which embodies the core value idea of China Haisum Stock.

“海诚”(HAISUM)the powerful characters calligraphic in LOGO embodies its broad breast, emphasizing the spirit of faith and its character,

The border of the seal and calligraphic character is open, meaning HAISUM is merged with companies domestic and overseas.

The brush stoke of character诚(SUM)is out of the seal, meaning that China Haisum Stock is advancing towards international engineering fields.

HAISUM is a combination word of HAI (海 in Chinese) and English word, SUM, which symbolizes the exchange between HAISUM and its clients domestic and abroad, embodying that HAISUM concentrates engineering technology and culture domestic and abroad and showing its ambition to be an international engineering company.

Colour: HAISUM Blue

The blue colour is adopted in the company LOGO. It symbolizes seas.

Sea is boundless expressing infinite dreams and bright future

The dream is not far away when Haisum keeps striving.

The figure of LOGO, full of strength combines blue colour, embodying Haisum’s quality and spirit and showing its solemnity, power and vigour.

In the new century China Haisum Stock with its broad breast like sea is listening to and receiving sounds from the world over. It wishes to realize its development through exchanges. The bright future is worthy for us to look forward to.